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The Liberation is the zine created to bring to light the ongoing metamorphosis within and outside of us, observing and listening to the collective search that unites us.
To explore the theme, we have relied on artists, performers, activists, and collectives who could expand its boundaries by following their imagination or their own experiences. Each of them has chosen the medium they prefer to tell their stories and give us a piece of their "liberation," bridging seemingly distant dimensions.

The Liberation is exactly what it seems: pure liberation. It is the first stage of a hyperspatial journey where we have collected stories, dreams, and desires of those who have chosen to leave behind useless prejudices, embracing their own and others' discoveries.

Enjoy yourself, be whoever you want to be.

Photo by Antonella Castelnuovo


Gilberto G Genco - Editor in Chief

Eleonora Sabet - Creative Director

Claudia Baistrocchi - Art Director

Alessia Modarelli - Graphic Designer

Ambra Cretì - Editorial Director & Social Media