masseria wave

una fila di parrucche colorate appese ad un filo

About us

Masseria Wave is a space where the history of the place converges with interpersonal connections and cultural opportunities that one might encounter in the idea we have of the metropolis.

The project shifts the urban contexts and dynamics into a local and independent environment such as that of a Masseria, triggering a series of artistic and design contaminations in both directions.

From all of this comes the meaning of "Masseria Urban".

MW is music, contamination, and freedom.

Since 2021, we have been sharing this space for artistic proliferation and self-determination with our community by organizing events for everyone, every summer.
We are carriers of good vibes, we celebrate differences, we seek new horizons, we love who we want, we strip ourselves of judgment, we laugh at ourselves, we believe in the power of the dancefloor, we drink lots of water and swim until the early hours.

We leave useless thoughts outside the door, we inhale fantasy, exhale chaos, we are free, real, holy and whores.

La Restuccia is our home, and if you want it, it can be yours too.